sicam srl
SBM 135 A
These electronic wheel balancers equipped with
dual LED digital display can operate on all types
cars, motorcycles, and light trucks wheels.
SBM 135 A and SBM 165 A stand out for the position
of their displays, and are both designed for
shops with average volumes of wheel services.
Thanks to their new design entirely conceived for
a better access to the inside of the wheel, and
their extreme ease of use, they are unique in their
fi eld.
Supplied as standard with the ALUEASY front automatic
gauge, a new automatic recognition balancing
program, and a wide range of accessories,
they allow customers immediate balancing.
SBM 135 A
Self-diagnosis Feature;
Self-adjustment Feature;
Balancing program with automatic recognition function of the spring-clip weight and/
or adhesive weight;
11 programs for car wheels;
5 specifi c programs for ALU;
Program for weights hidden behind spokes;
5 programs for motorcycle wheels;
Static imbalance optimization program;
Multi operator program (3);
Technical features
-Dual digital LED display for easy and
clear information viewing
-Large weight tray equipped with
several compartments for weights,
cones, and clamps
-Mechanical brake pedal for
even greater ease of use
-New ergonomic design for better access inside the wheel
-Large protection guard for wheels with
a maximum diameter of 1150 mm
-The ALUEASY internal keypad allows quick and easy positioning of adhesive weights in alloy wheels automatically obtaining diameter and distance measurements
-New external keypad to automatically obtain width, it allows greater productivity by making the machine fully automatic (available as an accessory 1 695 656 721)
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1200 mm.
Rim diameter da 10" a 26"
Wheel width da 1"  a 21"
Max. wheel weight 70 Kg.
Net weight 124 Kg.
Electric motor 1 HP
Pression of pneumatic circuit BAR
Balancing speed (rp.m.) 208-250 giri/min.
Noise db
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