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SBM V780 - SBM V780 P
SBM V780, based on Win CE operating system, is equipped with 15"
LCD monitor and with a soft touch control system.
Besides the standard dynamic and static balancing functions, the different ALU programs, the weight separation and the PAX wheel specific
programs grant the wheel Run-out control and the wheel Side Slip
control thanks to the proper laser sensor use.
The rim width will be automatically measured by the laser sensor, avoiding any waste of time to the operator that will just measure the diameter and the distance, by the ALUDATA arm, and pres START button.
The automatic functioning protection cover, the control of the motor,
that stops the wheel on weight position, the integrated lift, with the
wheel locking system, are standard system on both machines.
SBM V780P adds to the above mentioned features a "Pneumatic" wheel locking system.
SBM V780 - SBM V780 P
- Self-diagnosis and self-calibrating programs
- 7 car wheel balancing programs (dynamic, static,
5 ALU programs with weight separation option)
- 2 motorcycle wheel programs (static and dynamic)
- Optimisation program for static imbalance
- Run-out and Side Slip measurement program
- Multi-operator program
Technical features
- Universal "pneumatic" pedal adapter (working times reduction)
- LCD 15" orientable monitor for perfect vision
- Single and automatic launch
- Motor control for locking the wheel in position
- Measuring arm and laser sensor for automatic setting of the wheel measurements.
- Laser sensor for the Run-out measurement and Side Slip
- Automatic protection carter
- Wheel Lift
- SBM V780 and SBM V780 P work for all types of car and light industrial vehicle tyres.
Power Supply: 230-115 Volt - 50-60 Hz - Pneumatic 8-10 bar
Technical specifications
Max. wheel diameter 1000 mm.
Rim diameter da 10" a 26"
Wheel width da 1"  a 18"
Max. wheel weight 80 Kg.
Net weight 318 Kg.
Electric motor 110/230V 50-60Hz HP
Pression of pneumatic circuit 8-12 BAR
Balancing speed (rp.m.) 190 giri/min.
Noise db
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