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SA 880 D³
SA 880 D³ is 3D wheel alignment technology.
Targets are installed on the wheels and
are detected by the sensors fastened directly in the workstation (lift or pit). The sensors are equipped with 2 cameras that compensate any
level difference in the workstation (this is particularly useful when lifts are used). SA 830 D³
is the only stereoscopic wheel aligner; in fact, it uses 8 cameras, 2 for each wheel. All this
translates into a quick and simple system that allows for a complete control of the vehicle in just a few minutes.
SA 880 D³
Standard equipment
- Movable cabinet
- PC with Windows operating system
- 19" TFT monitor
- Printer
- Data base and program
- 2 measuring sensors
- 4 board
- Steering wheel clamp and Brake lock
- Remote control
- Set cable 13/15m for scissor lift ponte a forbice
Technical features
SA 880 D³ is a 3D measuring system based on the triangulation’s principle.
Simple measuring plates/targets are mounted on each, single wheel.
During run out compensation routine the pattern of point on the target are determined In order to determinate the pattern of point on the plates sensors’ positioning, it is necessary to perform the run out compensation, always. Every wheels are sighted by two
cameras. Considering both cameras’ angle and distances the 3D measuring system can easily calculate both the distance of the target and the wheel angles one.
Ability to measureAccuracyField measurement
Full alignment ±3'±2º
Partial alignment ±2'±2º
Camber angle ±2'±3º
Wheel misalignment ±'±º
Drive axis angle ±2'±2º
Caster ±4'±18º
Camber ±4'±18º
Steering angle difference ±4'±20º
Steering angle (front axle) ±'±º
Steering angle (rear axle) ±'±º
Alignment correction range ±4'±7º
Additional measurements
Rear axle offset ±3'±2º
Wheel offset (rear axle) ±'±º
Track width difference ±'±º
Lateral offset left / right ±'±º
Wheelbase difference ±'±º
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