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SA 660 - 660 R - 665 R
SA 566 and SA 566R are characterized by the 6 CCD camera measuring system. The devices are provided with PC with Windows operating system and a 19" TFT monitor. The constant display of real data and manufacturer’s data provides
the operator with a constant and accurate comparison during the measuring and adjustment stage.
SA 660 R and 665 R are without cable, the SA 665 R is also equipped of RUN-OUT encoder control system.
SA 660 - 660 R - 665 R
Standard equipment
-Movable cabinet
- PC with Windows operating system
- 19" TFT monitor
- Printer
- Data base and program
- 4 measuring sensors
- Steering wheel clamp and Brake lock
- Connection cable set (only for SA 660 R and SA 665 R).
Technical features
Reading of angles greater than 20° which
allows the measuring of the caster without
electronic plates
Camber adjustment with vehicle in raised
Calculation of toe variation,
Different language selection,
Customer database index system with automatic search, Car manufacturer target data updateable
Ability to measureAccuracyField measurement
Full alignment ±3'±2º
Partial alignment ±2'±2º
Camber angle ±2'±3º
Wheel misalignment ±2'±2º
Drive axis angle ±2'±2º
Caster ±4'±18º
Camber ±4'±18º
Steering angle difference ±4'±20º
Steering angle (front axle) ±4'±60º
Steering angle (rear axle) ±4'±9º
Alignment correction range ±4'±7º
Additional measurements
Rear axle offset ±'±º
Wheel offset (rear axle) ±'±º
Track width difference ±'±º
Lateral offset left / right ±'±º
Wheelbase difference ±'±º
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