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Family Day in Correggio
Correggio. On the 26th September at Correggios Sicam Plant, strategic centre for Bosch Division of Automotive Aftermarket, it has been held for the first time the Family Day, a day during which the Plant has opened the doors to its Associates and their Families.
An occasion for celebrating together the 40th anniversary of Sicam founded in 1975 and since 2007 part of the big and extended Bosch Family.
40 years of tradition in manufacturing garages equipment, perfect combination of Italian Design and German Quality.
Almost 400 participants to the event, have spent together the whole day with entertainments both for adults and children, plant/office tours, barbecue and music.
A special award has been given by the Plant Manager Wayne-Daniel Kern , to the associates who   have been working here since more than 20 years   with passion for a steady and enduring development.
Another special award "Target Culture Award , has been given by Fabrizio Sanna AA-AS/MFG-EU to Mr.Alessandro Carlucico AA-AS/PRM5-EU, PRM7-EU.
Family Day in Correggio
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